Posts From Along The Road

Stepping way outside of my comfort zone and going to start something I’ve been thinking about for the past two years. I’m not sure how this will go or where it will end up but going to give it a shot.

Through our family’s journey with my wife Barb and her battle with cancer, I found it comforting to write about what I was experiencing as the kids and I (and many of you) supported Barb through love and care giving. Those writings or posts on Facebook helped me to process and deal with all the emotions that came with a crisis of this type.

The idea of continuing to write about life’s trials and triumphs seems to call to me and from feedback I’ve received from many of you, I’ve decided to give it a go. I’m not sure how often I’ll post as it will not be on a schedule of any sort, just when the spirit moves me.

I’ll share as experiences come up and I’ll encourage you to respond with your own thoughts and perspectives as you feel comfortable in doing so. This may be a short lived project or turn into something long term, I just don’t know and honestly it doesn’t matter as I am excited to just see where it takes me.

So for now I’ll end this post from along the road with this.

Barbs Buddies Tshirt

The above is the Barb’s Buddies team shirt the kids and I designed for the BT5K in Columbus back on June 3rd. In its simplicity, I think it pretty much sums up the importance of supporting those we love as they battle cancer or really any crisis in their life. By being there for each other, we are all made stronger and the world becomes a brighter more hopeful place.

The BT5K was a great time and huge success for our Barb’s Buddies team as we honored and remembered Barb and her brother Greg. We exceeded our donations goal and the day of the 5K we had over 35 Buddies walking and running. I still get choked up trying to express my gratefulness to everyone that was a part of Barb’s Buddies. All I can really say is thanks.

On the road of life we often meet others that are experiencing the unexpected. Some crisis, some unwanted turn in their journey. Through love and friendship we can support them. Perhaps just with a hug, a call, a ride to treatment, or a shoulder of compassion.

The smallest of actions can release great energy. It can bring love and hope to those that need it most. Many of you did this for Barb and our family. And with God’s help it is my desire to do the same. No one should walk the road alone.

That’s all for now and…

See you soon, down the road

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